Music sucks these days

I have always found people who say "music sucks these days" to be to some extend arrogant, ignorant and closed-minded; in all likelihood the music is actually better today because so many more people are able to create their own music.

Another thing, just because you have good feelings connected to a certain style of music, doesn't mean that it is objectively good, even if a million other people agree. This goes for movies, games, and anything else people compare "then and now". What you experience is neuronal wirings connecting your memories and emotions. When our brain recognize some familiar tunes, we feel the emotions that has been hardwired in our brain.

If something makes people feel emotions and feel a connection, then it is good. Do not feel you are special because of your taste (you are most definitely not), but instead be open to new ideas, tunes, art, movies, games, and everything else the world has to offer!

Turn off your bias, and appreciate the world!

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